Book release for Frostvandrare!

Hey guys!

Last month has been crazy fun! We had an awesome release for my book Frostvandrare, a lot of people showed up and nobody seemed to want to leave. I had a great time, and felt so honored!

It feels like the book and it’s world has gained a life of its own and I’m just discovering it, I love that! For example, the book has its own instagram profile now, @frostvandrare, I know, totally getting a life of its own!

Here are some photos from the event. 

Photos: Daniel Böling

Frostwanderers, info

Hi guys!
Sorry about dropping off the face of the earth like that. But I have exciting news!
Early in the summer I got in contact with a publisher who is interested in publishing the Frostwanderers book in Swedish so the updates on the book for the months (after summer vacations) have mainly consisted in dialoguing with publisher and printing house, submitting ideas, getting them refused, revising, coming up with new ideas, choosing paper and binding technique and so forth. See below =)
book design ideas
It has been hard work, but very rewarding. The book is currently set to be published early in the spring next year. Information will most certainly follow on this blog!
Above is one of my binding ideas for the book. It is currently under review.