The Science Fiction Bookshop (and S)

A while ago I went into the Science Fiction Bookshop and saw my book there. Because of its dimensions it was sticking out rather conspicuously from the shelf. I’ve gotten comments about this since and I tend to tell people that that’s all part of my master plan. So…that’s the story I’m going to stick to.

Being somewhat non-sensationalist I forgot to tell my wife about it, and when I mentioned it in passing she ran over and took these nice photos. She’s the best. I know the dedications in (the deluxe edition of) the book lists other names, but yeah, dedications should be made to Sophie. Maybe I could dedicate this blog post to her…or is that stupid?

(Anyway S, you rock and you know it!)

sf bok 2 sf bok1

Comic Craze

As a kid I read tons and tons of comics, admiring the pictures and stories. Since then my path has led through more traditional art, through book illustration, and back to comics.

Comics then, are as diverse as a coral reef and anyone suggesting otherwise will have to answer to me. Nevertheless, drawing and coloring like in this image, no matter the motif, feels refreshingly new and exciting to me. So, here goes, excelsior and such!

dorte hair 7 comic small

Book talk at the Stockholm Public Library

Last week I was invited to the Stockholm Public Library to talk about my book Frostvandrare, its artwork and the background of the book’s world and characters.

It was great fun!

The whole thing was arranged and led by Patrik Schylström, (to my left in the first photo below) whom I want to sincerely thank. He did a terrific job with this.

The Photo at the bottom is of the oversized printer  thingy I played with that whole day! Photos of the prints deserve their own post and I will publish it shortly.

bibblan1 bibblan2 bibblan3

Portrait winner!

Some time ago I promised I’d draw the names of those who shared the #frostvandrare hashtag from a hat, and that I would paint a portrait of the winner as a frostwanderer with antlers. So, a hat was produced and a name drawn. The winner Eric Persson @penandpaper_ on instagram won. This is how I painted the portrait. (Final image in upcoming post!)


The portrait in painted in watercolors on a 55 x 75 cm 300 g Saunders Waterford paper. It was a delight painting on it.